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Are you interested in a career working with Children?

I started working as a Peer Councilor at age 13 with children who had learning differences. By age 19 I had designed a program that taught children  with special needs to thrive and grow and develop.  Over 33 years of experience in the child care field.  Children are our future and building a safe, loving, caring environment prevents trauma as an adult. If you have love, patience, compassion, and a natural affinity for children. Sign up for my Webinar .

How to become a child care worker:

Learn the skill set, certifications needed, assessments, and tools needed to be a successful nanny or day care provider. Learn to Earn while you Love. 


Looking for the right child care provider?

Learn the qualities to look for. Trust your childs instinct. Learn how to install a Nanny cam and be at ease when you leave your house.

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Dynamic, informative and Robust Webinars:

Join my weekly group training sessions between May 1st and June 1st and get a 40% discount. Fees directly impact services provided to trauma impacted Mothers and Daughters. You will learn how to ensure the children you care for are happy and safe. 

Ive Got your Wings

How to make children feel safe, loved, cared for and protected and reduce separation anxiety making for a child who grows up strong and confident and deals with life changes.

The Child with Special Needs

Learning how to deal with a special needs child and show compassion, empathy, and love . Learn about nutrition, and feeding techniques.

Playing and Learning

Creative play

Life Skills


socialization Skills

Changing the Life of a Child 

“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” – Lady Bird Johnson

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