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Going Deeper LLC / Making Beauty from their Ashes: 

Yvonne Lopez Luke Made Beauty from her ashes in obtaining a college education . A Mother, A Grandmother, and A Friend Yvonne took the struggles of her life  and  accomplished her goals. She is now ready to start a Catering Business and it would be amazing if you would use her services:

Yvonne Lopez Luke

Caterer Extraordinaire 

Sample Menu

Beautiful Presentation, Amazing food, and reasonable prices. Support Yvonne and her efforts by hiring her when you have your next event.  Get a special gift for your guests. 

718-576-8856  or [email protected]

Feed Trauma Impacted Moms

Order this featured Meal from Yvonne. The Beauty for their Ashes special and one will be donated to a trauma impacted Mother or Daughter.

Feed your Body and Feed your  Spirit

When you buy from Yvonne: are changing a life of a mom of her daughters, her sons, and her Grandchildren. We are about empowering and transforming lives. Please support Yvonne.