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Going Deeper LLC / Making Beauty from their Ashes: 

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

As many of you know the whole scope of Beauty for their Ashes is showing Mothers and Daughters that they can rise from their adversity into a place of Beauty.

We want to provide love, hope, faith, guidance, compassion and empathy and yes beauty.

There is so much that God has for them and they can walk into a destiny greater than they ever imagined. 

It is because of this that they can rise like a phoenix out of  Ashes.

Our New Cosmetics Brand Logo was created by one of these amazing moms

Her name is Eliza Beth. 

Please email me at [email protected]  if you would like Eliza Beth to make a logo or any other artistic piece for you.

While we work on our cosmetics brand Diana  Bellerose will be featuring her products and you can find out more on this page.

Your skin will drink in this luscious blend of oils for superior hydration and promote the appearance of beautiful, radiant-looking skin.

Grapeseed oil soaks in while it moisturizes and doesn’t clog pores

Lavender Essential oil supports aging skin and helps to cleanse and soothe

Grapefruit Essential oil gives your skin the appearance of a smooth-looking glow

Sweet Orange Essential oil is a natural cleanser with an energizing aroma

Geranium Essential oil helps to calm and maintain the appearance of radiant-looking skin

Frankincense Essential oil is one of the most precious oils and helps maintain moisture

Clary Sage Essential oil acts as a soothing balm

Paraben free and cruelty free

The Womans Prison Association.

Where Your Gifts Go

When you make a purchase we can bless a woman who has been through the ashes:

One of our main partner organizations is :

The Womans Prison

We are also providing cosmetics, and hygiene products to other Agencies. 


Synethia Bland

Synethia S Bland

Marketing Director

Credit Specialist


Synethia joins our team bringing to the table years of experience as an entrepreneur, model, brand Ambassador and credit repair specialist. She is a public speaker  and will use her credit repair skills to help trauma impacted Mothers and Daughters get a fresh start.


A living example of what faith can do and that mountains can be moved if you believe in yourself and  know your value. Ebony is a case aid . She has risen from the ashes and built an amazing life for herself and her son. She is compassionate and loving and strong willed and she took herself out of the heap of ashes and rose into beauty. 


Now a paralegal . Catya's strong determination shows that dreams do come true. Honest and forthright with an amazing heart. She will show you through her own strength that you posses a power that you never knew you had. She will show you that life  is what you make it and that you can build your vision on faith. She is a talented dancer and  skilled professional: 


Another single mom who has changed her life and the lives of her two sons. She is strong and a hard worker and determined to not be defeated by those storms of life that come our way, She believes in her self and can show you how to do the samel 

In House Consulting:

And  because we love babies this is near and dear to our hearts

Meet Vanda

Cosmetics By Diana Bellerose 

As we work on Branding our Compassion Cosmetics and even beyond that accomplishment we would like to feature  Victorious

by Diana Because our Mothers and Daughters are Victorious.  5% of Sales will go to an emergency bill fund for our beautiful Moms.

Many Great Products to choose from 

Compassion Cosmetics and Compassionate Soles Shoes coming in March

.​  :     


The first Jars of Compassion Cosmetics goes into production : Going Deeper LLC (Making Beauty for their Ashes) has its own make up brand. 85% of sales go to Mothers and Daughters Directly Impacted by Trauma,

Pre orders $15.00

We also invite you to a free membership with Atomy. These products will help trauma impacted Mothers and Daughters start healing from the inside to the outside:

I believe we are all one body. Created to function in conjunction with each other. I love to support women who are doing great things for WOMEN ON THE INSIDE. One of those ladies is

Sammie Werkheiser I would love it if you would support her Body Shop at Home Business. The Products are so great. I have loved them since my teen years. They make great gifts and are fun to keep as well.

Mothers who would like to stay home and earn income while getting healthy and cleansing their bodies from so much toxicity can work with us Atomy is here!!! The beauty on the inside.

Ill be sending out some valentines day goodies:


1. Who want good health

2. Who want beauty and youthfulness

3. Who want others find financial independence

4. Who want to do fundraising

5. Who want to help others

6. Who want to earn extra income

7. Who want residual income

8. Who are seeking a career change

9. Who are open minded

10. Who want to be a millionaire!

Reasons to join:


2. No website fee

3. Atomy products are: Organic Herbal plant based. Absolute quality and Absolute price!

4. To maintain membership you need to purchase only $3.00 worth of product

5. All members have a chance to make money

6. Memberships are inherited to the 3rd generation

7. No risk!! Benefits!


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